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Bills’ Draft Option

So the Buffalo Bills finished week 13 of their 2010 NFL schedule with their 3rd win of the season.  This rockets the team up to 28th place in the league and if the season ended today, they would be drafting 5th.  Ever since the Bills went Ofer the first half of the season, the locals have been salivating over the chance of maybe drafting Andrew Luck.  With every meaningless win, the dream of getting our next Jim Kelly fades just a little bit more.  But does it have to?

I think the Bills have two viable options here.  If not Luck, how about Cam Newton?  Yes, I know there is baggage there.  Ok.  A lot of baggage.  Does that preclude him from being an outstanding quarterback?  It didn’t prevent him from winning the Heisman Trophy.  To the best of my knowledge, they don’t give that out to just anyone.  Now, I’m not saying he’s better than Luck.  What I’m saying is that he may be a pretty good consolation prize.  Or, perhaps one of those teams drafting ahead of us may think he’s better than Luck.  Let’s take a look at what teams are drafting ahead of the Bills as of today.

The Carolina Panthers are drafting first.  I don’t think that changes anytime before April ’11.  First off, they’ll have a new coach in place by then (that will be the subject of another post).  They drafted Jimmy Clausen last year, but I don’t think he’s really impressed a lot people so far.  The Panthers, like many bad teams drafting high, have a lot of needs on both sides of the ball.  Do they draft the best player available (Luck), their biggest need, or trade out for more pics?  I think with the new coach, they move out for more pics.

The Cincinnati Bengals draft second.  I don’t see them moving from this position.  That team was on the bus weeks ago.  I also see them being a prime candidate of drafting a QB.  The Carson Palmer experiment is over in Cincy.  I think the Marvin Lewis era is also over.  Despite who’s making the calls on draft day, if he’s available at #2, I see them picking up Newton.  He seems to be a better fit.  They have enough offensive weapons that they don’t need a quarterback to “manage” games for them.  They need a slinger to get the ball down field with some accuracy.

Number 3 on the draft board is the Detroit Lions.  At this point, I don’t think Luck or Newton is available and the Lions already have their quarterback of the future, if he can just stay out of the training room.  The Lions need help on the offensive line and a running back.  I’m not sure who the name is, but he won’t have QB after his name.

Now for a surprise at the number 4 spot, the Denver Broncos.  I don’t even know where to begin with this trainwreck.  They certainly don’t need a quarterback.  I think you’ll see Tim Tebow give Kyle Orton a run at the starting position next season.  I think Denver is on board to take one of the prime defensive line studs.  That, and a new coach, should turn that team around real quick.

What should the Bills do?  They have MANY needs.  They need a quarterback.  Or do they?  Fitzpatrick has been playing pretty well since he took over for Trent Edwards.  However, like many Bills followers, I don’t think he’s our future.  The Bills need a star at the QB position and I’m convinced there are 2 available this year.  If the Bills stay put at #5, I’m certain they will not get Luck or Newton.  I don’t think the Bills should mess around this year.  They should be aggressive and creative and trade first round picks with Carolina and select Luck, and if Luck decides to stay at Stanford for another year, grab Newton.  Oh, I’m not done yet!  I believe it’s very possible, by trading and swapping 2011 and 2012 lower round picks, to get 2 first round picks this year.  Crazy you say?  Let’s see, the Bills cobbled double first round picks in 2009 and still managed to get 8 guys that year.  They did it again in 2006 and got 9 players total that draft!  In 2004, the got themselves 2 first round picks, Evans and Lossman.

This is not an impossible task.  All you need is a GM with the balls and brains to get it done!


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